If you are the one who wants to start your hand lettering for beginners and don’t know how to do. You are the right here. I will tell you the easy way to start. 

So the important thing for beginners is just deleted every image on your mind about every lettering or calligraphy that is so beautifully done cursive in the form of prints and so swaying letters because that may make your less encouragement.

Let’s do it: hand lettering for beginners in 5 steps

1. First, just use the tools what you have. Pencil, Pen. Ink pen, Brush pen, Watercolor, Eraser, and Paper.

However, the best tools for starting this project is the one that you have no need to buy more and more

and don’t buy anything that you saw from others without trying it first.

2Warm-Up Exercises

This simple warm-up exercise will help you with balance and kerning in your future hand lettering. However, take your time for this lesson. it is better to be slow but it can help you a lot.

So draw lines and curves to practice and control of the pen. This is also a good way to get to know about your new pens and pencils on how they work or not.

3. Start lettering

it’s time to play! Hand lettering gives you the freedom to do anything you want with your letters, so experimentation really helps me come up with new ideas.

then try writing in fake calligraphy lettering for the first time. This tutorial will help you build your confidence for your lettering more and more

Before going to the right way to pretty brush lettering you should learn the formatting and process by unformed. first, just write whatever you like without thinking anything.

I do this practice regularly, many times it turns out very ugly. But this way can help me find something that inspires me to create something great

4. Practice make perfect

Letter each day you have to make more practice by hand letter the word minimum in lowercase.  After that, it contains all of the essential curves and turns you will find in words. It allows you to get a better feel for how words flow together when hand lettering.

For a letter each day, try to make practice with a sheet of lined paper each day and filling it up with different sizes and shapes of a letter for 5 or 10 minutes a day. For example, one day will be the letter “a” and the next can be “b”, so on and so forth.

5. Get Started your project

Start doing your project like crazy because it can help you to improve your lettering

Important steps are simply doing. Stop hesitating and put pen to paper. A little time and practice you’ll be creating beautiful prints for your project.

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